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The new 60º HWedge is the ultimate Lob Wedge, allowing you to recover from any lie off the green.  If you want to hit a high shot at the pin or to a level of the green with spin, the 60º HWedge is the perfect choice.  With our patented face forward design, the 60º face will easily slide under the ball and provide perfect contact out of sand, rough or on tight lies.  Use the 60º HWedge anywhere inside 80 yards depending on swing speeds and trust that you can open the face and create even more loft for those tough forced carries.  To order your 60º HWedge with a full money back gaurantee today please click the button below now!






Our 55º HWedge is will be the first sand wedge you have ever used that will make bunker shots around the greens a simple task.  With our patented face forward design and hybrid body, the sole of the HWedge displaces sand and allows you to take a simple square swing through the ball.  The typical shot from a bunker is high with a beautiful spin that you see from professionals.  The 55º HWedge is our most versatile golf club allowing the golfer to add loft or hood the face a bit to control distance.  Use the 55º to recover from deep rough, bunkers or hit it close with spin from a tight lie.  To add our 55º HWedge to your bag please click the button below.






This is your new gap wedge.  We believe the 50º HWedge is one of the most useful golf clubs you will ever use.  Some folks can hit this club 120+ yards and find it very useful for long bunker shots around greens.  The spin you create on a golf ball with a simple swing using the 50º HWedge will get the attention of your playing parnters, especially when you’re consistently hitting the ball a couple feet from the cup.  A gap wedge allows you to carry the ball into greens with a lower trajectory, so you can run the ball to deep pins or use the 50º for a bump and run off the green.  Get your 50º HWedge now to complete your HWedge set by clicking below.

I tried it out of the sand and didn’t have any problems… I’d tell my friends to try it, they will find the HWedge works great!

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