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HWedge Hybrid Wedges

Want to Cut Strokes from Your Golf Game?

HWedges Allow You to Hit the Ball Higher and Straighter

Recover From Sand & Rough. Hit it Closer to the Pin

All HWedge Lofts are USGA Conforming and Fully Legal


Love It or Return It

All You’ll Lose Are Strokes In Your Short Game

HWedges are Gauranteed to Improve Your Short Game Immediately




The new 60º HWedge is the ultimate Lob Wedge, allowing you to recover from any lie off the green.  To order your 60º HWedge with a full money back guarantee today please click above.




Our 55º HWedge is will be the first sand wedge you have ever used that will make bunker shots around the greens a simple task.   To add our 55º HWedge to your bag please click the button above.




This is your new gap wedge.  We believe the 50º HWedge is one of the most useful golf clubs you will ever use.  Get your 50º HWedge now to complete your HWedge set by clicking above.

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I feel like their always gonna go straight.  It’s easier to hit out of the sand and the rough. The ball comes out nice and high and it lands softer on the greens.

Ken Sole, Scottsdale, Arizona

I found these wedges very easy to use, especially from the sand and in executing the short pitch shot.

Dave Pedersen, PGA Golf Instructor

They are a hybrid design club that makes all short game shots much easier to get the ball on the green from the sand or any kind of a lie.

– Ryan Smith, Golf Professional

Aim Square at the Target and Swing.
HWedges make it very easy to Score from Sand, Rough, Tight Lies.

You have all tried to hit higher shots, spin the ball, hit flop shots.
Open your stance, hit down on the ball, Yada Yada…

Here’s how it’s done with the HWEDGE:

1. Set up with your feet square.

2. Aim the clubface at the target.

3. Make your normal swing.

Hit Shots Higher with Spin.

HWedges are available on 37º, 50º, 55º and 60º Lofts.

So you can hit high shots with your Set of HWedges anywhere from 150 yards into the green.

It’s that easy.

Using our Patented Face Forward Hybrid Technology, there simply isn’t anything like an HWedge.

The Face Forward design and Hybrid body allow you to align square to the target and hit high shots.  Our patented face – forward with the deeper Center of Gravity of a Hybrid provides better contact, more spin and NO SHANKS!

Get Original Black Magic Hybrid Wedges Only $109!

48º Hybrid Pitching Wedge
52º Hybrid Gap Wedge