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Hybrid Wedges

HWedge Golf sells a set of newly designed hybrid wedges in 50º, 55º and 60º lofts.  We also sell our original hybrid wedges in 37º, 48º, 52º, 56º and 60º lofts.

HWedge Golf is a passionate golf company with a patent on the face forward hybrid wedge design.  We love the game and enjoy immensely helping golfers improve.  We keep it simple, offering hybrid wedges that are like no other golf club, simply because they work.  There have been other face forward wedges and irons and there are other hybrid style wedges and non-conforming sole plate wedges.

However, there is no other company offering a complete set of wedge lofts to allow the golfer the combined value and benefit of our hybrid wedge with the hosel back and face forward.  This technology is unique and will change your short game.

We all like bragging rights, because they last a life time, where as the money we win (whether it be from your skins game on Sunday morning or the big purses the pro’s play) can be long forgotten.  The best way to get serious bragging rights from your golfing group is to get the edge on them with a good short game.

Did you know the best players in the world rely on their wedges approximately 30% of the time?  These players would not be the best if they did not have the confidence in their wedges.

You can get that kind of confidence with your short game too because we are also amateur golfers like most golfers.  With the HWedge’s hybrid wedges each of our company representatives have the confidence to get in front of many golfers on demo days to show how easy it is to get out of a sand bunker, to pitching short shots off hard pan, to lob a shot from heavy rough any time we are asked.

The HWedges have very little resistance from the sand or heavy rough which you can see for yourself.
See here!

If we told you, you will not hit a shot off the hosel from a bad swing anymore or chunking shots will be greatly reduced and getting out of a sand bunker has never been easier, would you not agree your confidence would improve greatly…

What the HWedge hybrid wedges golf clubs can do for you is give you that confidence you have always wanted.

What some of the best golf teaching professionals area are saying is that these HWedges can give you a great chance to lower your score.

The HWedge is a face forward design with a wedge face that allows the average golfer to hit higher shots at similar distance to standard wedges. The HWedges have a hybrid body which is well received by players along with an iron face that offers great spin and control.

The hosel has been removed from the face of the club which allows players to get very creative by laying the face open for more lift on short shots without worrying about shanking. This patented design has received one rave golf wedge review after another from the customers whom have taken the time to let them know how their short game has greatly improved and how it is making golf fun again.

The HWedge comes in a lob wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, pitching wedge, and a 37 degree chipper that works great from 7 iron distance and in. All of their products conform to USG Rules, and recently the HWedge received forty five points out of a perfect fifty from an independent golf examiner in his golf wedge review.

Hybrid Wedges known as HWedges are changing the short game of thousands of golfers across the world.  Get yours and begin hitting all of your short game shots closer to the pin with more confidence.